Welcome SunCast listeners!  Below you'll find a summary of FTC Solar's products and services.  If you're interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us.


Engineering Services

FTC Solar supports project development from concept through construction.  With a team whose experience is measured in gigawatts of operating projects and engineering powered by proprietary SunDAT software, FTC Solar can do preliminary project design, help prepare plan sets suitable for formal submittal, and work with your EPCs to optimize construction.  Visit www.ftcsolar.com/project-development to learn more.


SunDAT - PV Design Automation/Optimization

With no system size limits, and features like detailed DC electrical design, and detailed civil analysis, SunDAT is the most comprehensive design software out there.  And SunDAT’s Web Service adds the most powerful optimization engine in the industry to your toolkit, enabling the creation of hundreds of versions of site designs in just a few minutes.  To learn more and sign up for a free trial, visit sundat.ftcsolar.com.

Atlas - Solar Enterprise Management Platform

Atlas is an enterprise-level, customizable, database platform designed to support renewable energy project development.  Accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection, Atlas includes elements of CRM, project management, data storage, and finance in a single package that is solar-ready out of the box.  With all the Atlas platform has to offer, it’s no wonder solar developers are ditching their spreadsheets and switching to Atlas to manage their project portfolio. Check out atlas.ftcsolar.com to learn more and request a free trial.

Voyager - Single-Axis Tracker

Voyager is a next generation, single-axis tracker that provides industry-leading ease of installation, performance, and reliability, driving the lowest total installed cost.  The Voyager tracker is designed for project engineers and installers, requires no special tools and only three wrench socket sizes to be fully assembled.  It features the fewest foundations per module in the industry and employs a fast and intuitive clamping system that makes module install a breeze.  The balanced DC string architecture not only reduces the overall DC collection cost, but also is ideal for DC cable harness systems.  And, the single row, 2-portrait module mounting architecture allows engineers to make the most of the available land while maintaining suitable accessibility for cleaning and mowing in higher GCR designs.  To learn more, visit www.ftcsolar.com/tracker

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